Colleges /Sporting Industry Speaking Topics

-  Teamwork:  Importance of every player
-  Creating a Winning Mentality:  Performing under pressure
-  Tenacity Over Talent:  Outworking your opponent
-  Adapting to Circumstances:  Not everyone becomes a pro athlete
- Importance of Education:  Why being a college athlete makes you attractive in business


1 Hour Speech followed by a 30 Minute Q&A and Meet & Greet Session, 100 autographed photos


40 Minute Speech followed by a 20 Minute Q&A

*Plus travel and lodging when necessary

Jim is available for speaking engagements, endorsements, radio & TV broadcasting, and special events. For media inquiries and bookings, contact:

Mr. Leyritz ~ I wanted to reach out and thank you for visiting the Merchant Marine Academy Baseball Team. What you told us was exactly what we needed to hear before playoffs. The team really appreciated the visit and we hope that you had a good time on campus. It was an honor showing you around.  Very respectfully, MIDN Trevor Fox