Charities, Children & Much More

March 1, 2015

On top of the NY Yankee “KING” status he has claimed for himself, Jim Leyritz has also offered his invaluable time and donations to countless charitable and humanitarian causes.  The ALS Association, combating Lou Gehrig ’s disease, possesses personal significance to Jim since his brother-in-law suffers from this.

Jimmy is also the founder of the Home Run for Hope, initiated in 2011, which empower children who lost parents to tragedy.  In addition to the plenary of charities that Kim dedicated himself to, he is also the honorable member of the Saddleback Church and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

With a deep-rooted connection to New York, Jim was compelled to become a member of the World Trade Center United Family Group- 9/11 Education Program.  This nonprofit organization is directed by the 9/11 victims’ families, survivors, rescue workers, and educators throughout the nation.  Jim’s affiliation lends itself specifically to the board of the 9/11 Education Program, which aids in establishing a National Interdisciplinary Curriculum for the students of our emerging generations.  The education reflects  on 9/11 history, debating the government’s role post-disaster, the nature of heroism, evaluation of foreign policy, and interpretation of primary source materials (including photographs, video, oral reports.

Jim is also heavily invested in Legends in Valor, Inc. The primary mission of Legends in Valor is to help raise awareness and needed funds for permanently injured military service men and women. All net proceeds acquired from fundraising efforts of Legends In Valor, Inc. go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Jim proudly supports this charity by offering awareness at numerous fundraising events.

One of Jim’s most recent projects is the Newtown, CT Project.  Founded by Marcus Knight, survivor and first responder of 911, this project aids in the residential and familial tragedies of Newtown, CT following Hurricane Sandy. Operating under the motto, “United We’re Still Standing,” this charity aspires to comfort and bring hope to the families afflicted, as well as the community at large.  Jim offers his personal time and cause to the “Missing You” Project, based off of the original song composed by Marcus Knight.  By purchasing the “Missing You” t-shirt, as well as wearing it on the 14th day of every month in 2013, you are one of millions in support and rebuilding following this tragic event.

As mentioned previously, Jim is personally drawn to the ALS Association, as his brother-in-law is afflicted with this.  The ALS Association was established in 1985 and serves as the only national nonprofit organization supporting Lou Gehrig’s Disease on all accounts.  Their mission includes global research, ALS assistance to afflicted victims, multidisciplinary care through clinical care centers, and coordinating government partnerships.

It is clear that Jim’s dedication to helping others has always been a priority.  Jim feels compelled to aid in charitable causes, not only pertaining to those which personally affect his life, but encompassing a widespread and global method for assistance.  Jim has articulated that his commitment to charity is a lifestyle, of which he will practice for many years to come.